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Compartment Customization ADD ON

Compartment Customization ADD ON

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This is an ADD ON option for any of my custom Watch Boxes. This listing is for alteration/customization to the compartments of an existing 6, 8,or 10 box to create a larger compartment for miscellaneous items by removing existing dividers. Please Understand - this is NOT for making your box larger. For example, if you want a box that holds 6 watches with a larger compartment, you should purchase a 8 box or 10 box and choose “6/1” depending how large you want your compartment to be. Please make sure you add this listing with your order when checking out. To avoid confusion, please avoid multiple transaction. Add all items to your cart and check out once. If it is noted that you would like this option on your order, but did not add this listing when checking out, you will be invoiced separately for the additional amount to your email. Please choose what ratio you would like your compartments: 4/1 - 4 Watches & 1 misc compartment 6/1 - 6 Watches & 1 misc compartment 8/1 - 8 watches & 1 misc compartment (10 box only) ** Customizations inside the drawer of our drawer box do NOT require this add on, as the pricing is already built in. However, if you are also customizing the compartments in the top level, you should include this add on with your order.

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