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Engraving ADD ON

Engraving ADD ON

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This listing is an ADD ON option for any of my custom watch boxes. Add this to your order to add a CNC machine engraved inscription to your watch box order. Choose font style, location, and fill option. As you can see from the diagram, some fill options do not pair well all stains, so be sure to check that in the diagram. We have noted the most common inscription placements which apply to our window lid designs. The watch compartment box, and the chest box have different available options than the window lid options. Some customers do request actual quotes for their inscriptions, so to eliminate any confusion, please DO NOT include quotation marks unless you want them inscribed. Be sure to double check spelling and grammar. We copy and paste your inscription request into our software exactly as it's entered. We are not responsible for any mistakes unless the error is made on our end. Due to machine restrictions, please note the following for placement options in regard to your chosen watch box design: ** The CHEST design can only be inscribed on the front of the tray. **The SINGLE compartment design can be inscribed anywhere on the box except the lip of the lid and lip of the body ** All watch box designs which feature a WINDOW LID can only be inscribed on the frame of the window. The bodies of these boxes are too large to fit under the machine. If you wish to add more than one inscription, or your length is going to require multiple placements, please note the following: The engraving add on is priced to include the labor of creating a engraving file, setting up the machine, and running that engraving. The engraving listing only needs to be purchased once if you put both inscriptions in the same location. For example. If you would like one inscription along the top inside of the frame, and one inscription along the bottom inside of the frame, we only have to create one file and run the machine one time. However, if you want one inside on the frame and one outside on the frame, then we have to create two separate files, set up the machine for the first inscription, then reset for the second inscription. This requires more labor and more run time, so would require you to purchase the engraving add on twice. If this is unclear, or you are unsure of what to purchase for your request, be sure to reach out to us via messaging to inquire before purchase. If you would like to request a custom image or font engraved, please reach out to us in advance for a quote.

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