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Dunn Rustic

Magnetic Propagation Wall Hanging

Magnetic Propagation Wall Hanging

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Geometric propagation wall hangings. Choose your shape and finish. We offer diamond, triangle, and hexagon. Purchase individually or in a set. Each hanging comes with a jumbo test tube that measures 1.5X8" and geometric bases range from 6" wide - 6.5" tall, depending what shape you purchase. Test tubes attach to hanger's base with magnets and bases  attach to the wall with two matching nails secured through pre drilled holes.

** Due to occasional issues and varying home conditions, this design no longer comes with command strips for hanging. You can use command strips instead of nails, if desired, but they are not provided.


DISCLAIMER - Test tubes are GLASS, therefore are very FRAGILE. Please be mindful of where you decide to hang your pieces. The magnet design is best hung well out of reach from children, pets, and away from high traffic areas where they can easily be bumped. We are not responsible for broken tubes, but if you do find yourself needing a replacement, you can find a listing for a replacement test tube kit on our storefront.

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