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Dunn Rustic

Ring and Cufflink Holder ADD ON

Ring and Cufflink Holder ADD ON

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This listing is to add Ring roll/cufflink holder inserts to your box. Please be very detailed in your buyer note describing your vision for this customization. If you are unsure about your request or there is any confusion in which option you should choose for your vision, please contact me before purchase. If I have any questions or issues with accommodating your request, will contact you promptly.

ROLLS W/ COMPARTMENT CUSTOMIZATION = Addition of Ring/Cufflink rolls with altered compartments. * Please choose this option if I will have to cut out any dividers or add any dividers for your alteration. For example: If you are purchasing an 8 box and want me to cut out a piece making it a 6 box with a larger section for the rolls. -

ROLLS IN EXISTING COMPARTMENT = Addition of Ring/Cufflink rolls without any alterations to the box design. * Please choose this option if you want the rolls added into an existing compartment of your box design, and will NOT require any alterations to the existing box design to accommodate them. For example: If you are purchasing a valet box, and want one of the existing valet compartments to be completely filled with rolls. Please make sure you add this listing with your order when checking out. If it is noted that you would like this option on your order, but did not add this listing when checking out, you will be invoiced separately for the additional amount to your email.

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