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Dunn Rustic

Double Ring Bearer Box

Double Ring Bearer Box

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Custom Printed Map DOUBLE Ring Box - Please be sure to note featured location

This listing is specifically for a custom printed map location in your ring box. Choose your finish and ring roll fabric. Optional hand burned engraving available. Be sure to leave notes regarding your map location and engraving request in the box.

To complete a custom printed map, I scour the internet for a nice looking free image that meets your request, then print the image onto fabric. We favor vintage style maps, and only stray from that if we have trouble finding your location in a vintage style. Requests should be as simple as possible. Specific addresses are generally really hard to find pretty maps of, so if you want something super specific, please be sure to submit your own map image. We will always reach out ahead of time if we have trouble sourcing your map request.

PLEASE NOTE - if you would like a PARTICULAR map image for your box, please message us with the image or link. If no specific map request is made for your location, we will use our own discretion to find a map that complements your finish and fabric selections.

** Please note - we offer this box standard with only one map location, placed inside the lid, and a solid fabric for your rolls. If you would like more than one location printed, and want the rolls wrapped in a map as well, you will need to find all images and submit them to us for your order. We can do either 2 maps ( One map in lid, and one map printed twice to wrap around the rolls.) or 3 maps (One map in lid and different maps wrapped around each roll). We only accommodate multiple map requests for orders if the images are submitted to us.

Box measures 3.5 X 2 X 2"
It is made from lightweight pine wood
Tiny, vintage inspired, swing latch hardware on the front to complete the vintage look.

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